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Course cancelation and refund

• Class suspension:

Classes of the NCKU FLC continuing education program will be suspended according to the Tainan City Government's announcement due to natural disasters or severe weather conditions. 

• Refunds:

Those who cannot attend the courses due to illnesses and military services are permitted to apply for full refunds with relevant documents. Other refund conditions are processed according to Article 17 of the Implementation Regulations Governing Junior Colleges Continuing Education established by the Ministry of Education.

  1. A 90% refund (including tuition, miscellaneous fees, etc.) will be returned to the registers who have paid the tuition fees but apply for a refund before the courses begin. A 50% refund (including tuition, miscellaneous fees, etc.) will be returned within one third of the term from the starting date (namely, two weeks). Refunds are not permitted beyond one third of the term.
  1. A full refund of agency fee shall be returned. Purchased products will be returned.
  1. A full refund shall be returned to the registers if courses are cancelled.

The above mentioned refund rules shall be specified in the registration guidelines and forms in details.