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Regulations Governing the Management of Audio-Visual Labs of the Foreign Language Center,

National Cheng Kung University

Adopted by the Center's Monthly Meeting, Jan. 12, 2016
Adopted by the College Faculty Meeting, April 6, 2016
Article 1    
The Foreign Language Center of National Cheng Kung University (hereafter, 'Center') established the Regulations to properly manage the audio-visual language labs (hereafter, 'labs'). 
Article 2   
The labs are primarily used for conducting the University’s official language courses, language proficiency tests, and the Center’s continuing education programs.  
Article 3   
Using the labs is free of charge for the above mentioned course. The labs are available from 8 AM to 12 AM and from 1 PM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. The labs are closed on national holidays and whenever the University class/office hours are suspended.  
Article 4   
The labs are primarily scheduled for the full-semester language courses offered by the Center. Other full-semester language curriculum offered by other academic units that have the same schedules will be processed on a "first-come, first-serve" basis. 
Article 5
Academic units intending to check out any lab for a full semester are required to fill up the application form within the announced deadline. The application form shall be signed by the unit's chair and be submitted to the Center for further approval. 
Article 6
Temporary borrowing for one course cannot exceed 8 hours per semester. Registration is open at the beginning of every new semester. The instructor of the course shall submit the application with the signature of the unit's chair to the Center one week prior to the using date. 
Article 7
Borrowers who intend to cancel the approved application shall inform the Center three days prior to the using date. For those who fail to notify the Center three times in one semester will be suspended from using the labs in that semester. 
Article 8
Without influencing the University’s teaching activities, any unit within or outside the University can rent the labs for academic, cultural, or charitable events, or for language proficiency test venues. Rents are charged by periods: 8 AM-12 AM, 1 PM-5 PM, and 6 PM-10 PM. The rental fees are as below: 
  • 3,000 NTD/per period for any of the audio-visual labs, hypermedia language learning lab, auditorium room, multimedia conference room. 
  • 750 NTD/per period for any of the general classrooms.
  • Additional 300 NTD/per hour of working staff expense is charged during the nighttime on weekdays and whole day on the weekends. Additional manpower and expenses should be discussed by the Centerand the borrowers in  advance. 
  • The rental fees and expenses for activities co-organized by the Center is negotiable with the co-organizing party. 
  • Rental fees and all expenses are paid by cash or demand draft. Payment shall be made prior to or on the using date. The receipts will be issued within one week after the payment. 
Article 9
The instructors or their teaching assistants are required to come to the classes in person to supervise the usage of the lab. 
Article 10
Times for rescheduling or making-up classes shall meet the open hours of the Center. 
Article 11
The units or instructors using the labs are held responsible for damage to any facilities in the charge.
Article 12
Rules for using the labs and facilities are made separately by the Center. 
Article 13
The Regulations are adopted and implemented by the Center’s monthly meeting and the College Faculty Meeting, as shall amendments when they are made.