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TOEIC registration

  • NCKU students, faculty and staff can go to https://www.examservice.com.tw/Home/preindex?setStoreID=G0022 to register for the TOEIC test.

  • The test fee for TOEIC will be adjusted to NT$1,600, effective from March 11, 2018. The types of questions and the format of TOEIC transcript/certificate will be also updated.

  • Test dates at NCKU in 2021:

January 24, May 30, June 20, July 25, Aug 29, Nov 14, Dec 19.

  • Instruction to access your TOEIC account:

    Please enter your ID number, password, and the verification code to access your account. Initial users should create an account.

  • Only NCKU students, faculty, and staff can use the above mentioned system. Fraudulent users' test scores will be invalid. The registration fee will not be refunded, either. If you have any question, please go to www.toeic.com.tw.