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Opening time and regulations

User Guidelines for Audio-Visual Lab for Language Learning

•  Eligible users:

Only NCKU faculty, staff, students, alumni with NCKU library cards, or current students registering for the FLC continuing education programs are eligible to use the FLC Audio-Visual Lab for Language Learning.

•  User Guidelines:

  1. No smoking, food, beverage (except for water), contraband, and pets are allowed inside.
  2. The learning resources, including discs, are not allowed for copy, transcription, or other illegal usages.
  3. Users must check in at the counter with valid IDs before using the facilities. 
  4. Only books and stationary related to learning are allowed in the booth. Personal belongings shall be placed in the lockers.
  5. The studying materials, such as books, magazines, and CDs are restricted to be used inside the room.
  6. Each user is allowed to borrow one set of materials (including companion discs) at a time through the FLC staff. 
  7. The booth key and studying materials shall be returned if the users intend to leave the room for more than one hour.
  8. Users are not allowed to study their own materials in the booth.
  9. Users are not allowed to occupy the booth for reading their own materials or using the Internet.
  10. Users are responsible for the materials in their charge, or will be required to pay the full value of replacement if loss or damage is found.

 •   Opening hours:

  1. Daytime: 09:00~12:00 & 13:00~17:00, weekdays
  2. Evening: 18:30~21:20, Monday to Thursday
  3. The opening hours for the Summer and winter breaks are to be announced separately.

•  Studying resources

  1. Studying kits for English proficiency tests
  2. English-learning magazines
  3. Resources for improving speaking skills in English
  4. Japanese-learning magazines
  5. Resources for learning Japanese
  6. Resources for learning other languages
  7. English films and TV series

  Opening Hours for the 2018 Summer Break

日期 Date 
Opening Hours
6/24 (一)~6/28 (五)
June 24 (Mon)~June 28 (Fri)
The Room is closed on Friday nights and weekends.
7/1 (一)~8/8 (四)
July 1 (Mon)~Aug 8 (Thu)
8/9 (五)~9/6 (五)
Aug 9 (Fri)~Sep 6 (Fri)