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  1. The receipt payee shall be clearly provided and cannot be changed after the payment is made. The applicants who do not submit manuscripts via the FLC will not receive the University’s official receipts. Only NCKU faculty, staff, and students (alumni excluded) are entitled to apply for the FLC proofreading service. If the applicants help their family dependents apply, the receipt payees are restricted to NCKU, NCKU Research & Development Foundation, NCKU Hospital, and CHENG-HSING Medical Foundation.
  1. The issuing date of the official receipts cannot be earlier than the completion day or later than the payment is made. The official receipts will be issued around the 20th day when the payment is completed before the 15th day of the month. The official receipts will be issued approximately on the 5th day in the following month when the payment is completed between the 16th  to the last day of the month. The above mentioned issuing dates will be postponed when they fall on holidays. Applicants who pay online or plan to get reimbursement from other institutions are advised to pay earlier, so the receipts can be issued on time as the transaction also requires time.
  1. The applicants are required to pick up the receipts from the FLC in person, with the proof of payment. No mailing service for the official receipt is offered.