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‧ Charges

1. The charge is calculated by the time spent. Short documents (approximately 1-2 pages) which are completed within 15 minutes are billed 250 NTD based on a 15-minute billing unit. If the proofreading time exceeds 30 minutes, the minimum billing unit is 30 minutes. Manuscripts that requires 30 minutes for proofreading are billed 500 NTD. Manuscripts that requires 30-45 minutes for proofreading are billed 1 hour. A 20% service fee is added to the total charge. 

2. If the applicants have restricted budget, a request for “Price Quote” shall be specified in the application form and the email. Any request for a maximum amount of proofreading fee is not allowed. To avoid disputes, the applicant shall inquire about only one proofreader's price quote at a time. After receiving a decline letter from the author about the price quote, the FLC will forward the price quote request to look for another proofreader.    

‧ Delivery way and payment channel

When the proofreading is completed, the FLC will inform the applicant of the charge via email/text message/phone. The corrected version of the manuscripts will be returned after the payment is made. The payment can only be made online. Online payments should be made to the Bank of Taiwan or any ATM following the instruction on the website. Specific questions regarding the revision comments should be sent to the proofreaders, with a copy to the FLC; otherwise, the proofreading process is considered complete and the applicant shall raise no objections.