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Q1: How to apply for the English proofreading service?

A1: The application form is available to download at the FLC website. A scanned file of the completed application form with the corresponding or first author’s signature, along with the manuscript, shall be sent to the FLC (flcproofread@gmail.com) directly. The manuscript shall be double-spaced, and typed in single column throughout. If the application is sent after 17: 00 on a workday or anytime on a holiday (or typhoon day), the next workday shall be marked as the application date.

Q2: Can the manuscripts include figures, pictures, or appendices?

A2: Yes. If the file size, including figures and pictures, exceeds 15 MB, the corrected manuscripts may not be successfully returned to the applicants via email. It is suggested to send the text and the figures/pictures/appendices, in separate files, and provide pdf version of the complete paper as the proofreaders’ reference.

Q3: How is the charge calculated?

A3: One hour is billed for 1,000 NTD. A 20% service fee is added to the total charge. 

Q4: Can a delivery date be set?

A4: Yes; however, a specific due time cannot be set (ex. before 17:00 pm). The working days for proofreading exclude weekends and holidays. It takes a minimum of 7 business days to complete the text of 10,000 words or below, and a minimum of 14 business days for texts beyond 10,000 words, counting from the date when the negotiation among all parties is completed. Documents to be completed in a shorter time are considered rush service. Due to a large amount of manuscripts received in the FLC, the applicants are advised to sufficient time for proofreading and office handling. If a price quote is necessary, the working day shall start from the date when the applicants consent to the price quote.

Q5: Can the applicants choose their preferred proofreader?

A5: Yes. In the case of no preference being indicated in the application, the FLC will distribute the manuscripts based on the proofreaders’ availability.

Q6: Can the applicants request for a maximum amount of proofreading fee?

A6: If the applicants have restricted budget, a request for “Price Quote” shall be specified in the application form and the email. Any request for a maximum amount of proofreading fee is not allowed. To avoid disputes, the applicant shall inquire about only one proofreader’s price quote at a time. After receiving a decline letter from the author about the price quote, the FLC will forward the price quote request to look for another proofreader.   

Q7: What is the payment channel?

A7: When the proofreading is completed, the FLC will inform the applicant of the charge via email/text message/phone. The corrected version of the manuscripts will be returned after the payment is made. The payment can only be made online. Online payments should be made to the Bank of Taiwan or any ATM following the instruction on the website.

Q8: How to pick up the official receipts?

A8: The receipt payee shall be clearly provided and cannot be changed after the payment is made. The applicants who do not submit manuscripts via the FLC will not receive the University’s official receipts. The issuing date of the official receipts cannot be earlier than the completion day or later than the payment is made. The official receipts will be issued around the 20th day when the payment is completed before the 15th day of the month. The official receipts will be issued approximately on the 5th day in the following month when the payment is completed between the 16th to the last day of the month. The above mentioned issuing dates will be postponed when they fall on holidays. Applicants who pay online or plan to get reimbursement from other institutions are advised to pay earlier, so the receipts can be issued on time as the transaction also requires time. The applicants are required to pick up the receipts from the FLC in person, with the proof of payment. No mailing service for the official receipt is offered.