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Responsible staff

Description of duties 

Tsai, Kai-Song

Ext.: 52030


A. Extension Education Program
1. Course arrangement and program promotion
2. Student registration
3. Student rosters and class notification
4. Course schedules and instructor assignment 
5. Issuance of student IDs, roll books, and certificates of completion
6. Affairs related to tuition payments and refunds
7. Instructor hiring
8.  Student helper hiring and supervision
B. Proposal of the continuing education program 
1. The continuing education program for foreign languages
2.  International exchange program-English
C. The continuing education program for foreign languages with the Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, YunLin-ChiaYi-Tainan regional branch 
1. Student rosters and class notification
2. Issuance of student IDs, roll books, and certificates of completion
D. Summer Extension Education Program for University staff
1. Arrangement of courses and instructors
2. Making student IDs and roll books, issuing certificates of completion
E. Handling the documents related to English Comprehensive Tests
F. Assisting the Center with undertaking the English proficiency tests (i.e. GEPT) 
G. Dispatch of online documents
H. Management of properties of the multimedia self-learning room
I. Replying the emails by students of the continuing extension program
J. Dispatch and management of duty-related on-line documents 
K.Other interim affaires assigned by Director

Lin, Mao-an

Ext: 52020

E-MAIL: em52020@email.ncku.edu.tw

1. Procurement of goods and services
2. Verification of the Center's expenses 
3. Property inventory and accounting management
4. Dispatch of mails and documents
5. Maintenance of cleanliness of the Center
6. Supervision of the Center's internet and IP
7. Management of the facilities in the labs and the multimedia self-learning room
8. Application for using the Center's classrooms and facilities
9. Affairs related to instrumental courses
10. Affairs related to English proficiency tests co-organized by the Center
11. Dispatch of duty-related documents 
12. Serving as the colleges' post agent
13. Other interim affaires assigned by Director

Huang, Da-Han

Ext: 52025

E-MAIL: z10708088@email.ncku.edu.tw

1. Research projects with other universities and govertnment institutes
2. Hosting visiting scholars and related affairs
3. (International) conference
4. English proofreading service
5. Management of the Center's webpages
6. The Center's brochure
7. Publication of the EaGLE journal
8. Supervision of the student helpers in the multimedia self-learning room/Acquisition of magazines, books, and multimedia materials
10. Other interim affaires assigned by Director

Chen, Ya-Shu

Ext: 52258

E-MAIL: yashu23@gmail.com

1. Personnel management (including assessment)
2. Faculty evalucation committee meeting
3. Budget-auditing
4. Procurement of goods and services
5. Annual Planning and Detailed Performance Reports

Tsai, Fang-Yu

Ext: 52273

E-MAIL: 11205045@gs.ncku.edu.tw

1. Non-major foreign language credit courses curriculum and administration
2. Verification for general education English course credit exemption
3. Freshman OOPT, (Graduate) Online Remedial English Test
4. Organizing the FLC Meeting and the Center's Language Teaching Meeting
5. MOU Higher Education Database 
6. Regulations on Foreign Language Proficiency Requirements for Undergraduate Students
7. Property management
8. English writing consultation 
9. Academic affairs related to English courses of the exchange programs
10. Other interim affaires assigned by Director