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Adam Przywecki (proofreading resumed after June, 2021) 
Education: Bachelor of Engineering, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
Years of Proofreading Experience: 12+years
Proofreading Fields/Specialties: Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science 
Proofreading/Teaching Experiences: 10+ years at NCKU, 2+ years at international journal (Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering)
Proofreading Approach: I make sure that the paper is consistent and follows generally accepted standards.
Acceptable file formats: .doc
Other Requirements: None
Allen Walzem
Education: Ph.D. in English Literature, National Cheng Kung University
Years of Proofreading Experience: 12+years
Proofreading Fields/Specialties: Although I have checked many papers in the hard sciences, am much more comfortable in the Humanities and Liberal Arts (especially Literature, Film, Communications).
Proofreading/Teaching Experiences: Have taught ESL for over 20 years. Proofing part time at NCKU for 12 years.
Proofreading Approach: My proofreading approach is aggressive. I generally make lots of changes based on what I think looks and sounds best.
If you would like me to correct your paper, please let me know if you would like A. Only grammar correction B. Grammar and changes to increase smoothness and flow, or C. in addition to A and B, re-writing and re-structuring.
Acceptable file formats: Microsoft Word
Other Requirements: None
David Muir
Education: Hons. BA (with Distinction) in Philosophy: University of Toronto, Post-graduate Certificate in TESL: University of Toronto, MEd in Second Language Acquisition: University of Toronto
Years of Proofreading Experience: 6+ years at NCKU (EFL authors), 5+ years at UofT (ESL authors and native speakers), 1+ years at Scribbr
Proofreading Fields/Specialties: Humanities, social sciences, and government
Proofreading/ Teaching Experiences: I have edited professional documents, theses, and research essays primarily in the following fields: sociology, education, politics, geography, philosophy, history, health, linguistics, literature, economics, and business.
Proofreading Approach: While proofing your paper, I will check for standard proofreading areas: spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. If requested, I can go beyond basic proofreading and check for any underlying structure and clarity concerns.
Acceptable file formats: Microsoft Word preferred
Other Requirements: Please be sure to state any special needs/requirements.
Ferenc Pinter 
Education: Ph.D. in Mathematics, The Ohio State University
Years of Proofreading Experience: 15+years
Proofreading Fields/Specialties: Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Information Science, Material Science, Bio/medical technology, Earth Science, Education, Statistics, and Industrial & Transportation Management. Other social sciences are also accepted.
Proofreading/Teaching Experiences: Theses (including PhD), research papers. I taught Technical Writing courses at the FLC of NCKU. Now I am teaching math related courses to international students at the Technical University of Budapest.
Proofreading Approach: I correct works in three consecutive steps: grammar, meaning and style. Comments and advices are also provided. I try to figure out the consistent meaning from a linguistic approach and formal logic. Starting 2020, I added corpus search to verify term use. With experience, I also extended the portion of semantic processing.
Acceptable file formats: Text based formats (txt, tex) are easier to deal with than fully prepared publication documents (pdf, doc, docx, odt) with tables and figures, but technically all can be accepted for proofreading. I would send back a text based doc document with the changes recorded.
Other Requirements: Please allow sufficient time for communication, especially with longer papers and theses.
Greg Luther 
Education: PhD in Entomological Sciences, University of California, Berkeley. Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Biology, Grinnell College, Iowa, USA.
Years of Proofreading Experience: 15+ years while working in agricultural sciences at Virginia Tech and the World Vegetable Center (AVRDC).
Proofreading Fields/Specialties: Life Sciences / Biology and Agriculture preferred; however, I am willing to proofread documents from other fields also, provided they are not highly specialized or technical.
Proofreading/Teaching Experiences: During my career in agricultural research and development, I have collaborated with EFL authors from Taiwan, Indonesia, Nepal, D.R. Congo and other countries on journal articles and theses. My teaching experiences are mainly in adult education, using participatory training methods and focusing on agricultural extension. I also have minor experience in teaching ESL.
Proofreading Approach: Generally, I proofread and edit in three steps:
1. Read the entire document.
2. Edit in detail.
3. Reread the document to check for continuity, flow and correctness.
All edits that I think are required will be entered directly into the text using ‘Track Changes’; these include correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure. I may also add comments with suggested changes for improving the content, on issues for which I think the author needs to make the final decision.
Acceptable file formats: Microsoft Word
Other Requirements: Please be sure to mention any special needs/requirements, so I can help as much as possible.
Paul Spence (proofreading resumed after May, 2021) 
Education: B.A. in Economics and Linguistics, University of Victoria. M.A. in Linguistics, National Cheng Kung University
Years of Proofreading Experience: 11+years
Proofreading Fields/Specialties: I proofread papers from numerous fields: Electrical, Chemical, and Mechanical Engineering, Material Science, Engineering Science, IIM, IT, Business & Management, Computer Science, Medical, Biotech, Creative Design, Humanities, and others.
Proofreading/Teaching Experiences: I have been an English instructor at NCKU since 2005. I teach "Academic Writing for Journals and Theses/ Dissertations" and "English for Presentations".
Proofreading Approach: I use the "tracking" function in Word and offer comments/suggestions for improvements.
- General Proofreading:
• Correct grammar and sentence structure
• Identify logic problems
• Identify inconsistencies in writing, figures, and tables
• Offer brief comments
- Editing & Proofreading:
• Correct grammar and sentence structure
• Correct logic problems and provide suggestions for improvement
• Identify and correct inconsistencies in writing, figures, and tables
• Offer extended comments with word choice and sentence structure suggestions
• Ensure writing follows academic-writing conventions
Acceptable file formats: Word format please
Other Requirements: Can usually accept rush papers for an additional fee.


Savana Moore
Education: B.A. in Psychology and Human Development, University of Kansas
Years of Proofreading Experience: 13+years
Proofreading Fields/Specialties: Literature, Business/ Economics, Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science
Proofreading/Teaching Experiences: I have taught English as a second language both in Asia and America since 2003 at every level. I wrote a book on essay writing, and I wrote a manual on strategies for taking the TOEFL exam.
Proofreading Approach: I correct for word choice, word order, grammatical correctness and continuity, academic consistency, and correct terminology. All of my papers are spell-checked when completed. I accept rush papers for a fee, and I turn around papers early whenever possible.
Acceptable file formats: Microsoft Word document files. Do not send pre-formatted files with built-in formatting. Figure titles and captions should also be editable.
Other Requirements: Do not use punctuation cut and pasted from a Chinese font. Spell check your paper before submitting. Your editor is not responsible for your meeting your publisher's guidelines. You should know the required punctuation for references and citations. I check questionable terminology; however, you should know the terminology for your field of study.