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Eagle Project

Rationale of the Project

As the world speeds up with increasing international exchanges of trade and culture, it has become necessary for Taiwan to move towards Globalization. Therefore,to help NCKU students elevate their international competitiveness and become global citizens, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature has been commissioned by the Office of Academic Affairs to plan and to implement the "NCKU English Proficiency Promotion Project" (also known as NCKU English Eagle Project). 


An Introduction to NCKU English Learning

The curriculum design of NCKU English learning is organized to place emphasis on both the cultivation of basic English competence and professional ability. In addition, the instrumental and constitutive functions of language are taken into account. The curriculum will also be adjusted in accordance with the students' study period and their English proficiency. For example, freshmen English focuses on enhancing English skills, associating language and the humanities, and broadens students' knowledge of social needs, science and technology developments, environmental and ecology issues, etc. Students are trained to participate in Q and A discussions, talks or presentations which relate to various fields of study. Finally, the objective of freshmen English also stresses students' oral and critical thinking skills.